Project Coordination

The key to a successful project is coordination. Careful coordination between all parties involved is essential .  Planned meetings with the owner, architect and contractor are scheduled to review the project from the beginning throughout the duration of the project.  This will minimize potential  challenges that  may arise throughout the project.   R&W also conducts subcontractor meetings to ensure that all members of the project team are aware of the project’s progress. Additionally, project information reports, documentation control, safety inspections, scheduling and supervision all aid in successful project coordination.


R&W Builder’s will produce a detailed schedule for each project that will be used by the owner, designer and trade contractors.  This schedule will include all aspects of the project that need to be followed.  It will address scheduling requirements, review processes, revision to the baseline schedule, schedule development, change order and time impacts.  With the continuous monitoring, the schedule will reflect the overall approach of construction to meet the contractual completion date.

Quality Control (QC)

R&W Builder’s realizes that Quality Control (QC) is a big part of any successful  project therefore having a competent QC person is essential.  Our QC manager must develop a plan tailored to fit each project’s specific challenges and/or requirements.  Our Quality Control System is known as “Three Phase Quality Control” that has been used the US Department of Defense contracting agencies for many years.  Using this plan, R&W has delivered projects with the highest quality our clients demand and deserve on a consistent basis.  R&W will ensure that the three phases of control cover each definable feature of work throughout the entire duration of the project.  Three phases of control are preparatory, commissioning, certifications and rework lists required for each definable feature of work will be generated and updated on a weekly basis for QC meetings.